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Mediterranean Gull colour-ring codes

INSTRUCTIONS: to report a colour-ringed Mediterranean Gull please choose from the examples below, and click on the image that best fits your observation. The link will then take you to the relevant contact details of the project recorder/co-ordinator(s).

In some instances similar codes have been used by different projects within and between countries. In such cases the image will link to further information to help you locate the correct contact details.

In the next 5 to 10 years, Mediterranean Gulls wearing the old-style colour-rings with 3-character alphanumerical codes will still be observed in the field. For more information about the new 4-character alphanumerical codes and a list of the national programme co-ordinators click here

Black (3-code) Black Number/Number/Letter Black Number/Letter/Number Black Letter/Number/Letter Black U/Number/Number/Number
Black (4-code) Black U/Letter/Number/Number Black U/Number/Number/Number Black Number/Number/Number/Number Black K/Number/Number/Letter Black 4/Number/Number/Number Black T/Number/Number/Number
Blue (Dark)
Dark Blue Letter/Number/Number
Blue (Dark)
Dark Blue 5/Number/Number/Number Dark Blue 0/Letter/Letter/Letter Dark Blue 0/Letter/Letter/Letter Dark Blue Letter/Letter/Letter/Letter
Blue (Sky) Sky Blue Letter/Number/Number
Green (3-code) Green Number/Number/Number Green Number/Number/Letter Green Number/Letter/Number Green Letter/Number/Number Green Letter/Number/Letter
Green (4-code) Green 3/Number/Letter/Letter Green 3/Letter/Letter/Number Green A/Letter/Letter/Letter Green R/Number/Number/Letter Green R/Number/Number/Numberr
Red (3-code) Red Number/Number/Letter Red Number/Letter/Number Red Letter/Number/Number Red H/Number/Number/Number
Red (4-code) Red F/Letter/Letter/Number Red H/Letter/Letter/Number Red P/Letter/Number/Number Red Y/Letter/Letter/Number Red Z/Letter/Letter/Number
White (3-code) White Number/Number/Letter White Number/Letter/Letter White E/Number/Number/Letter
White (4-code) White 3/Letter/Number/Number White 3/Number/Letter/Number White E/Number/Number/Number
Yellow Number/Number/Letter
Yellow 2/A/Number/Number

If your colour-ring observation does not match any of the examples shown on this page please contact Renaud Flamant for assistance (please replace "at" with @ in the email address).

Similar codes used by different projects :

Green ring: A-letter-letter-letter

Red ring: number-number-letter
00K-99K, 00L-99L, 00V-99V, 00X-99X

Red ring: number-letter-number
0K0-9K9, 0L0-9L9, 0V0-9V9, 0X0-9X9

Red ring: letter-number-number
K00-K99, L00-L99, V00-V99, X00-X99