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Mediterranean gulls at Dunlaoighre, County Dublin, Ireland by Sean Geraty

Half way up the East coast of Ireland you will find one of Irelands main ferry ports Dunlaoighre. It is situated in South County Dublin and if it's a Mediterranean gull you want to see then this area is one of the most reliable places in Ireland. In general the meds can appear at any spot around the harbour but on leaving the harbour itself a short walk South along Scotsman's Bay will bring you to an area known as Sandycove. Sandycove very rarely fails to produce a med gull. If its large numbers you are looking for then you will be disappointed as numbers can range from 1 to 9 birds. The highest count I have had was 20 birds in September of this year but as winter arrives birds move on to other locations. July/ August and early September appear to be the months in which med gull numbers peak in this area usually 10 to 15 birds would be present particularly in the last couple of years. From the end of April through May and June are the quiet months when I would not expect to see a med in the area, presumably they have dispersed to their breeding grounds. Due to the small number of birds there will not be a huge amount of rings to be read. However a few new rings do appear each year. Colour rings are mainly white but a light blue ring has over wintered for the last few years while this year I have had a yellow ringed bird and a light green one. Rings can be read easily enough from the foot path as birds rest on the rocks close by, however to be certain of a successful read I recommend that you have your scope with you. I find the best time to view the gulls is about 2 hours before the tide comes in, as the birds will generally be loafing around the rocks close to the shore. If you arrive in Ireland by the ferry at Dunlaoighre then the med gulls are within walking distance from the port.

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