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Central- and North Adriatic coast Med Gull sites by Adriano Talamelli

Best spots on the Adriatic Coast

Central- and North-Adriatic coasts of Italy offer many good MedGull sites. In particular, I suggest the following places :

Conca reservoir

Leave the A14 motorway at Cattolica, go on the left till the village of San Giovanni Marignano, than ask anybody where is the 'Invaso della Conca'. It is very near (you may call me on 0368-3172426 to take you there). Best months are (July) August to October, with up to 2000 inds on the lake shores in the latter month.

Beaches of Cattolica and Gabicce

Leave the A14 motorway at Cattolica, turn right and follow the signals to the 'porto' of Cattolica. From the harbour, check the Gabicce barrier-islands (to the south), then walk north on the beach for 2 kms till the Conca river mouth. On the way you will find plenty of barrier-islands with roosting gulls. August-October: av. 200 inds, up to 1000; March-April: 50-200. The beach will be crowded (by people) till the end of August.

The only 'virgin' MedGull site of Northern Italy : Magra mouth and La Spezia Gulf. Never visited by ring-readers so far, despite interesting MedGull numbers (500-1000, esp. November to February). The key resting site is on the beach between the mouth of Magra river and the Carrara harbour (visible from the river mouth), but all the gulls may be feeding with Cattle Egrets in the fields along the main road at Marinella di Sarzana and Fiumaretta (birds are easily approachable from behind reed-hedges), or bathing at the river mouth. You can easily reach this area by the Genoa-Leghorn or Parma-Spezia motorways (exits: several are possible, maybe Sarzana is the nearest one, check on a normal road map). Once you are there, it might be interesting having a look at the La Spezia Gulf : here the gulls roost on mussel-farms too far to read rings, but in the La Spezia harbour and promenade there might be some chances. A big day-roost is inside the military area of the 'Arsenale', but one is not allowed to get in there (or maybe just Renaud is!). If you need more details, just email to

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